Order a wildbouquet

Wildbouquets are one of the most sought-after bouquets out there. Because it concerns wild flowers and flowers of different lengths, you always have a beautiful and unique bouquet. The bouquet contains flowers that really stand out and deserve to stand out. In addition, there are also flowers that remain somewhat in the background. This ensures the perfect combination and your beautiful bouquet. At Regiobloemist we have a wide range of these beautiful bouquets. Whether you prefer a pink bouquet in your living room, or actually a purple bouquet. We have it all. With our different types of wildbouquets, there is always a bouquet that will make you happy, or of course make someone else happy.

What is a wildbouquet?

A picking bouquet is also called a field bouquet. A picking bouquet consists of all kinds of wild flowers. These flowers come in different heights, shapes and sizes. This ensures large and unique bouquets. Pick Bouquets are actually bouquets that look like you picked them yourself. This also ensures that they have a personal appearance and look perfect in the living room. It doesn't get any more beautiful and unique, so order your unique picking bouquet quickly and enjoy the extra elegance in your living room. Don't forget that you can of course also give a picking bouquet as a gift to your favorite person.

Order a wildbouquet

Ordering a picking bouquet from Regiobloemist is quick and easy. Simply follow the order menu and order your picking bouquet on our site. Our flowers come from our own soil. We have partnerships with local growers. As a result, our flowers are beautiful, fresh and can be delivered quickly. In addition, our flowers have a seven-day fresh guarantee. As a result, you are always assured of a beautiful healthy bunch of flowers. Should something have gone wrong? Then we are always ready to handle your complaint or question. You can contact us via our chat at the bottom right of the page. You can also send an email to info@regiobloemist.be. Do not forget to add a photo of your bouquet (if there are problems with it) and always send your order number. When we have your order number and a photo, we can help you faster and better in finding a suitable solution.

Deliver wildbouquet

Ordered today before 4 p.m. is delivered tomorrow. That is the goal we pursue at Regiobloemist. This way, even if you forget a birthday, you can still have a flower delivered to the birthday person in time. We also deliver throughout Belgium. So it doesn't matter where you or the recipient live, we will deliver anyway! Enjoy this service and order your picking bouquet quickly at regiobloemist.be.

Wildbouquet with a present

Don't forget that you can add a card to your order at Regiobloemist. Here you can indicate exactly what you want the recipient of your bouquet to know. Flowers say more than a thousand words, but sometimes even that is not enough. open your heart to the card and let the recipient know that you are thinking of them or can't live without them. A card is often just that little bit extra with a beautiful picking bouquet. Don't forget to put your name on the card if you want the recipient to know who the flowers come from. Our deliverers do not give any personal information from the orderer to the recipient. So unless you're a secret admirer, it's important not to forget to put your name on the card.

In addition to our tickets, it is also possible to add a gift to your order. With one of our gifts you can make the surprise for your loved one even more special. For example, choose from a tasty bar of chocolate or a delicious bottle of wine.

Order wildbouquet for a special occasion

You can order a picking bouquet for any special occasion. Whether it's a wedding, birthday or to wish someone a get well soon, a picking bouquet actually fits with everything. The wild appearance of the flowers gives every gift that little bit extra that you are often looking for. It is something different than a standard bunch of roses. Be unique and deliver not only a picking bouquet but also a great experience and order at regiobloemist.be. We are there for you every day to ensure that your loved one has an unforgettable day.

What if the recipient is not at home?

When the recipient of the bouquet is not at home, the delivery person always tries to deliver it to the neighbors. After this, the deliverer will put a note in the recipient's mailbox with the address of the neighbors where the bouquet was left. This way the recipient always knows what happened to his or her bouquet and where it is. This allows them to still enjoy it, even if they were not there to receive the flowers. If no neighbors are able to accept the bouquet, the recipient is referred to a nearby depot where they can pick up their flowers.

How long do the flowers last?

The flowers can last for about ten days. With flowers, of course, it is always about how you care for them. If you place the flowers neatly in the water with the sachet of flower food, the flowers can sometimes last up to two weeks. What really matters is how you take care of the flowers. Also make sure that you change the water where the flowers are in once in a while. Enjoying flowers for a long time really starts with yourself.