Seasonal bouquet

If you love flowers but can never make a choice from our wide range, a seasonal bouquet is really something for you. Our seasonal bouquets are tied by professional binders. The flowers that are used are the flowers that bloom best and most beautiful that season. This way you always have a bouquet that shines the way you want a bouquet to shine. The bouquet you eventually receive can also be seen as a surprise bouquet. This way you can even surprise yourself with a beautiful bouquet. Also don't forget that our seasonal bouquets are a perfect gift for loved ones. Because our professional binders bind the bouquets as beautifully as possible, you always have a beautiful and unique gift in your hands.

What is a seasonal bouquet

A seasonal bouquet is a bouquet of flowers that is put together every season by our professional binders. For these bouquets, the flowers that are most in bloom at that time are used. This gives you a beautiful bouquet with beautiful colors every season.

Seasonal bouquets in different colors

In addition to our standard seasonal bouquet, we also give you the choice to indicate a preference regarding the color of the bouquet. You can choose from white, orange and mixed colours. So if you opt for the white seasonal bouquet, the predominance of the bouquet will be white. This way you still have some say in the way the bouquet will look. For example, you can have a seasonal bouquet put together for a loved one who loves orange bouquets. This way you can still surprise your loved one with a bouquet that suits them. Or of course choose a beautiful bouquet for yourself.

Order a seasonal bouquet

We have made it as easy as possible on our site to order one of our seasonal bouquets. Follow the best menu and order your seasonal bouquet. Our flowers come from our own soil and come from professional growers and binders. This allows us to guarantee freshness for seven days. The flowers that are used are the flowers that bloom best in the period of ordering. This way you will always have a beautiful radiant bouquet in your living room. Since flowers are a natural product, it is of course always possible that the flowers do not meet the requirements you would have liked. If there is a problem with the flowers, you can always contact us via or via the chat on our website. When you contact us about an ordered bouquet, make sure you always send the order number and a photo of the flowers. This way we can answer you the easiest and fastest way and together we can look for a suitable solution. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us. We have already answered some questions on our site on our homepage under the frequently asked questions.

Deliver a seasonal bouquet

At Regiobloemist we charge orders before 4 p.m., for delivery the next day. We have been pursuing this goal for years. Due to our fast delivery you can wait until the last minute to order your bunch of flowers. In addition to our fast delivery, we also deliver throughout Belgium. So it doesn't matter which part of the country you live in. So we will also just stand at your door with a bunch of flowers,

Seasonal bouquet with a present

If you want to surprise someone and you don't think flowers are enough, you can also add an extra gift to your order at Regiobloemist. We have different types of gifts in our range. For example, we have different types of tasty wine on our site and also delicious chocolate. In some cases you can also choose to add a small teddy bear to the order. During the ordering process you will automatically be taken to the page where you can add these nice extras.

In addition to our bottles of wine and chocolate, you can also add a card to the flowers. You can write a nice message for the recipient on this card. You can indicate why they are allowed to receive these flowers from you and how much they mean to you. When you have done that, it is important not to forget to put your name on the card. our deliverers do not give information to the recipient about the orderer. So if you now indicate on the card that the flowers are yours, the recipient will not find out either.

Receiver not at home, what now?

When our delivery person is at the recipient's door and the recipient is not present, the delivery person will do as much as possible to deliver the bouquet anyway. The delivery person will first check whether it is possible to deliver the seasonal bouquet to the neighbors. If this is the case, the deliverer will leave a note for the original recipient in the letterbox, indicating the address at which the recipient can pick up the flowers. The delivery person will also put a note in the recipient's mailbox if the flowers could not be delivered to the neighbors. The deliverer then takes the flowers back and delivers them to a nearby depot. The note that the recipient will find in the letterbox will indicate where the recipient could pick up the flowers again.

How long do the flowers stay beautiful?

Flowers are a natural product. This means that the best before date of flowers can generally be quite different. The standard best-before date that is often observed is about ten days. However, this can become longer if you take good care of the flowers. With the flowers you always receive a bag flower nutrition. It is important that you fill the contents of the bag with adds nutrition to the water where the flowers come in. If you do this right and change the water once in a while, your flowers can sometimes continue to shine for two weeks. And that is of course what we all hope for when purchasing beautiful flowers.