Mixed boquet

Mixed bouquets are often one of the most popular flowers sold at Regiobloemist. A mixed bouquet of flowers often consists of different types of flowers that eventually fit together perfectly. The different types of flowers give the bouquet a unique appearance and there is often something for everyone. In addition, our flowers are beautiful and fresh. The flowers at Regiobloemist also have a seven-day freshness guarantee. Take a quick look at our offer and choose a bouquet that suits you!

Seasonal Flowers

Mixed bouquets are a beautiful and fun way to brighten up your living room. If you want to order a mixed bouquet of flowers, it is good to know that a mixed bouquet consists of seasonal flowers. This means that every season we adjust our offer with flowers for that season. We only want to offer flowers that are blooming beautifully. This allows us to provide the most beautiful product and for the best price.

Order a mixed bouquet

You can order a mixed bouquet at Regiobloemist in a quick and easy way. Because we have made the ordering process on the site as easy as possible, you have placed your order in no time. The flowers come from local growers, so the flowers are beautiful and fresh when they are delivered to you or the recipient. Because we work with local growers, we can also guarantee freshness for seven days. This way you can enjoy your radiant mixed bouquet for as long as possible. It can always happen that something goes wrong with the flowers, after all they are natural products. If there is something you don't like about the flowers, you can always let us know. You can do this via the chat at the bottom right of the website or you can send an email to info@regiobloemist.be. Make sure you always send your order number when sending an email. If we help you with your order number, we can help you more easily and quickly. If there is something wrong with the flowers, it is nice if a photo is also sent. With a photo we can better come up with a suitable solution for the problem.

Deliver a mixed bouquet

At Regiobloemist, our aim is 'ordered today before 4 p.m., delivered the next day'. This way you can hardly ever be late with sending a flower. If you have forgotten an important event, you have the option with us to place an order a day in advance. We deliver throughout Belgium, so it doesn't matter which part of the country you live in, we will deliver anyway!

Mixed bouquet of flowers with gift

If you want to have a mixed bouquet delivered to a loved one as a surprise, we have another extra that we offer. At Regiobloemist you can add extra gifts to your order. This way you make your surprise even more special. We have different types of tasty wines that you can order with. In addition, it is also possible to add delicious chocolate to your bouquet. In some cases it is even possible to have a teddy bear added to your flowers. This provides that little bit extra that you are sometimes looking for when it comes to having a flower delivered.

We also give you the option to add a card to your order. On this card you can indicate in a certain number of characters why your loved one deserves the flowers. Also make sure to put your name on the card. Our deliverers do not give any personal information about the orderer to the recipient. So if you don't have your name put on the card, the recipient will not know who the flowers belong to. So, unless you are a secret admirer it is better to put your name on the card. The recipient obviously wants to know who those beautiful flowers belong to.

Receiver not at home, what now?

If the recipient of your bouquet is not at home at the time of delivery, it is of course the intention that the recipient can still receive the flowers. The flower deliverer will always try to deliver the flowers to the neighbors. If this is also successful, the deliverer will put a note in the recipient's letterbox stating the address at which the recipient can pick up the flowers.

If the delivery person is unable to deliver the mixed bouquet to the recipient or the neighbors, the delivery person will deliver the flowers to a depot. This is where the flowers will remain until they are picked up by the recipient. The recipient will, also at this moment, receive a note in the letterbox stating the address where the flowers can be picked up.

What is the best before date of the flowers?

Flowers are a natural product, which means that flowers can die sooner if you don't take care of them properly. With your bouquet you will receive a sachet of flower food as standard. Make sure you add the contents of the bag in the vase to the water. Often flowers can remain beautiful for about ten days. If you take good care of the flowers, they can sometimes last up to two weeks. It varies by circumstance. In any case, you get a seven-day fresh guarantee with us. If the flowers wither within seven days, you can always contact us and we can see if we can find a suitable solution together.

What is a surprise bouquet?

When you want to surprise yourself or a loved one with a beautiful bouquet. If you can't make a choice from our wide range, we have the solution. Order a mixed surprise bouquet at Regiobloemist and be surprised by the bouquet. Fresh flowers from the relevant season are used for this bouquet. This way you always have a beautiful bouquet that will make your living room shine extra. A professional will put together your bouquet and ensure that all flowers fit together perfectly. This will give you the best result with your surprise. Everyone wants such a colorful surprise, right?