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Winter Surprise Bouquet

Leave the choice of design to the florist and they will create a beautiful bouquet with the available seasonal flowers.

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Product information


This seasonal winter bouquet is perfect for thanking someone, to celebrate a birthday, or just because you want to gift a loved one with a special bunch of flowers. A versatile bouquet suitable for any occasion. Let our skilled florists from the flower bindery make a beautiful bouquet with flowers of this winter season.

We use fresh seasonal flowers to create a beautiful bouquet. Let them know you are thinking of them!

Seasonal bouquet:

The professional florists of the flower bindery will create a wonderful winter bouquet in their own style and different flower combinations with the seasonal flowers in colors that they have available at the bindery. Some flowers and colors serve to enhance the main colors of the bouquet. A seasonal bouquet can be a round bouquet, wild bouquet or field bouquet. The image is an example of a combination of colors and flowers. Every day there is a fresh supply of flowers, making each bouquet beautiful and unique. Every bouquet will be different. Be surprised by the specialty of the professional florists of the flower bindery.

Delivery note (DHL)

To ensure that the flowers arrive fresh at the recipient, they are delivered by DHL. Delivery time is 1-2 days.

We deliver fresh Dutch flowers.

No special delivery times or delivery instructions are possible at DHL.