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Florists in Sint-Truiden

3 florists deliver flowers in Sint-Truiden.

How to send flowers to Sint-Truiden?

  • Step 1. Select a florist in Sint-Truiden
  • Step 2. Select a flower bouquet
  • Step 3. Place the order online at Regiobloemist

Below you see profiles of florists in Sint-Truiden. On their profile you can select the florist by clicking on the large magento button 'select this florist'. After selecting a florist, you will be redirected to our homepage. Now you can select a bouquet and order online. We take care of the rest for you.

  • Tongersesteenweg 273, B-3800, Sint-Truiden

    Anita & Walter have been known for 29 years for quality, craftsmanship, customer friendliness and of course for the beautiful flower creations. You can go to Bloemsierkunst Anita & Walter for flowers, plants, gifts and interior and exterior decoration. You can also call on us for bridal bouquets, burial items as decorations for banquet halls, churches, companies, etc. Flower art Anita & Walter...

  • Stapelstraat 53, 3800, Sint-Truiden

  • Thewitstraat 18a, 3891, Gingelom

    Master florist Steven Blavier and his team bring together the best of nature for you in their flower shop in Gingelom (between Sint-Truiden and Landen). 7 days out of 7 they are fully committed to putting you in the flowers as a customer according to your taste and budget. To do this, they buy their flowers freshly early in the morning at the auction in Brussels and have carefully selected flowers...

Select a florist in Sint-Truiden for your order

If you want to have flowers delivered in Sint-Truiden and want to select your own florist in Sint-Truiden, please click the "select this florist"-button next to a florist in our list of florists which deliver flowers in Sint-Truiden. We will take care of sending your order to the florist you select, and delivery of your flowers in Sint-Truiden. Our terms & conditions apply to all orders, including those where you have selected a florist yourself. That means you receive are freshness guarantee, perfect service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You do not need to select a florist

If you do not select a florist on the order, then we will select a good florist in Sint-Truiden. We will make sure that the florist will get the correct order and delivers flowers in Sint-Truiden for you.

You can order now: Click here on flower delivery and you can have flowers delivered throughout Belgium by one of our florists. We will select the most suitable florist for your order based on customer reviews