Important update on delivery via local florist. More info here

Florists in Silly

1 florists deliver flowers in Silly.

How to send flowers by a local florist

  • Step 1. Select a bouquet from the list 'Flowers from the florist'
  • Step 2. Order the bouquet by placing your order online

What happens next?

Your order will be received by us and we will immediately send you a confirmation by email. Then we place the order, via our network, to several local florists who deliver in Silly. We ensure that the order is accepted by a local florist. The florist will then get to work, copy your customized bouquet as best as possible (with the available flowers) and deliver it personally.

If you order before 14:00 on working days, our florists can deliver the same day. The florists often deliver after closing, please keep that in mind.

NOTE: It is not possible to choose a florist yourself due to covid-19. We will send your order to more then one florist, the first florist that accepts the order will deliver.

  • La Maison Fleurie
    Chaussee de Lessines 211, B-7060, Horrues

    Nous sommes à votre service depuis maintenant 20 ans. L'accès à notre commerce est aisé étant donné que nous sommes situés sur un grand axe routier et que nous avons un parking juste devant le magasin. Le choix en magasin est très grand. Les produits sont diversifiés : il y a des fleurs coupées, des plantes, des vasques, des cadeaux, ... pour tous les budgets. Nous vous proposons également...

Select a florist in Silly for your order

If you want to have flowers delivered in Silly and want to select your own florist in Silly, please click the "select this florist"-button next to a florist in our list of florists which deliver flowers in Silly. We will take care of sending your order to the florist you select, and delivery of your flowers in Silly. Our terms & conditions apply to all orders, including those where you have selected a florist yourself. That means you receive are freshness guarantee, perfect service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You do not need to select a florist

If you do not select a florist on the order, then we will select a good florist in Silly. We will make sure that the florist will get the correct order and delivers flowers in Silly for you.

You can order now: Click here on flower delivery and you can have flowers delivered throughout Belgium by one of our florists. We will select the most suitable florist for your order based on customer reviews