Despite the Corona virus, we can still deliver flowers on working days in Belgium, but with a limited assortment. More info here

Florists in Antwerpen

8 florists deliver flowers in Antwerpen.

How to send flowers to Antwerpen?

  • Step 1. Select a florist in Antwerpen
  • Step 2. Select a flower bouquet
  • Step 3. Place the order online at Regiobloemist

Below you see profiles of florists in Antwerpen. On their profile you can select the florist by clicking on the large magento button 'select this florist'. After selecting a florist, you will be redirected to our homepage. Now you can select a bouquet and order online. We take care of the rest for you.

  • Bloemen 7 Days
    Melkmarkt 34, 2000, Antwerpen

    We deliver fresh flowers and plants for Region Florist in our delivery region. This is particularly Antwerp and the surrounding area.

  • No profile avatar available
    Everdijstraat 23, 2000, Antwerpen

  • Bloemen Penart
    Floralienlaan 312, B-2600, Berchem

    At Bloemen Penart you are certainly at the right place if you are sick of beautiful flowers and plants. For regional flower delivery they deliver in the area. So if you want flowers delivered, look no further and choose Bloemen Penart as your delivery florist. You are then assured of quality and good care   They deliver the bouquets from Regiobloemist in Berchem. You can choose them as a florist...

  • Bloemenpaleis Van Goeye
    Langestraat ,41, B-9150, Kruibeke

    Immerse yourself in a world of flowers and plants, selected for quality. With a lot of love for the profession we make an exclusive bouquet or flower arrangement for you. In 1960 the door of Bloemenpaleis was opened for the first time. Since then, the second generation has shared their knowledge for everything that grows and flourishes. Today Johan and Carla are in this case where they give...

  • BVBA Tuincenter Claes
    Drie Eikenstraat 590, B-2650, Edegem

    Garden center Claes, the reference for all garden and flower articles in Edegem in Antwerp. Moreover, we are very easily accessible and we are provided with a spacious parking. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you a personalized service tailored to your wishes day after day. That is the strength of our garden center. To add to this professional service, we are always open...

  • Carisma
    Frank Craeybeckxlaan 70, 2100, Deurne

    Flowers Carisma offers a beautiful and varied assortment of flowers, plants and decorations for all occasions. The case has been around for more than 40 years. You can always come to us for personal advice or assistance in choosing a suitable gift or bouquet for every occasion. Carisma is known for their extensive service and personal interaction with customers. Carisma in the cozy Deurne. Orders...

  • Philippo Rozen
    Dorpsstraat 55, B-2920, Kalmthout

    Bloemen en plantencentrum 10.000m² overdekt winkelplezier Snijrozen uit eigen kwekerij . snijbloemen in 400 m² koelcel . kamer- en tuinplanten . alle bloemschikmaterialen Ons bloemen- en plantencentrum Philippo Rozen is gekend omwille van zijn ruim aanbod aan snijrozen. Deze zijn zowel afkomstig uit eigen kwekerij als uit rechtstreekse aanvoer van bloemenveiling Flora (NL). Hierdoor staan...

  • Tierra Verde Bvba
    Mechelsesteenweg 70, B-2550, Kontich

    Bloemen Tierra Verde is een hedendaagse bloemenzaak, gevestigd in hartje Kontich en dit sinds onze opening op 1 augustus 1998. Wij krijgen dagelijks verse bloemen en planten binnen, rechtstreeks van de veiling, die we eerst zorgevuldig voor u selecteren, zo proberen wij u zoveel mogelijk aan uw wensen te voldoen. Vanaf heden ook klasse wijnen en cave in ons gamma. Wij bezorgen voor Regiobloemist...

Select a florist in Antwerpen for your order

If you want to have flowers delivered in Antwerpen and want to select your own florist in Antwerpen, please click the "select this florist"-button next to a florist in our list of florists which deliver flowers in Antwerpen. We will take care of sending your order to the florist you select, and delivery of your flowers in Antwerpen. Our terms & conditions apply to all orders, including those where you have selected a florist yourself. That means you receive are freshness guarantee, perfect service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You do not need to select a florist

If you do not select a florist on the order, then we will select a good florist in Antwerpen. We will make sure that the florist will get the correct order and delivers flowers in Antwerpen for you.

You can order now: Click here on flower delivery and you can have flowers delivered throughout Belgium by one of our florists. We will select the most suitable florist for your order based on customer reviews